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Studio Session

Let your pet explore the IN-FOCUS studio and feel right at home.

18-Sprader, Nicole-IMG_9662.jpg
2 Hour Session

Ideal for four or more pets.

17-Steffen, Tanya-IMG_3350.jpg
1 Hour Session

Ideal for up to three pets.

Location Session

 Capture your pet's true personality in a place they feel most comfortable.

17-Olaciregui, Colleen & Richard-IMG_0036.jpg
2 Hour Session

Ideal for four or more pets.

P21-Ehlers, Rhonda 0P3A7184.jpg
1 Hour Session

Ideal for up to three pets.

Can't find a time online?  Call our studio at (414) 483-2526 for additional availability.

Pet Photo Sessions

Our Process


There is a lot to think about preparing a photo session.  We are here to help you every step of the way.  We suggest a consultation with one of our photographers where we can discuss what to wear, what location would be best, and what time of day is the lighting best in that location. 


For your photo session, we create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere so you can look your best and have fun at the same time.  Feel free to bring additional outfits if you're not sure what to wear.  Our photographers can match your outfits to our backgrounds or locations around the city.


We start your purchasing appointment with a presentation of photos to music. As your images are projected on our large screen, you will be able to choose your favorite photos and match them with our beautiful products. See some of our most popular products here.


How do you tame excited or active pets?

When your pet comes in for the session, we allow them to get used to their surroundings. We don’t remove their leash right away until they can sniff around and become comfortable. When the time is right we take off their leash, position them, then we have a wide range of noises that we use to get their attention. We offer treats as a last resort.

What kinds of pets do you photograph?

We photograph all types of pets. Dogs are the most popular, but yes we photograph cats, birds, reptiles, and even farm animals and horses.

Can I be in the photo with my pet?

Yes, we encourage you to be in the photo with your pet. Pet owners love their dogs and it shows when they are being photographed with them. Be prepared to be in a few images.

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