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Your pets are family – they deserve the best.

Most pets are not that easy to photograph. It's hard to keep them still or to capture in-focus action shots. And lighting can be tricky with a cellphone. But you don't have to settle. 

Our professional pet photographers work with all types of pets and breeds, and know just how to capture them as you know and love them best.

milwaukee pet photography

Pet Photography

Award-winning pet photographers

Your pets are at home here.

It’s important that your pet feels safe and comfortable before we begin photographing them. We invite them to explore our studio and greet our pet-loving photographers so they feel right at home during the session.

Our photographers are extremely patient and know how to get the best images from even the most active pets. You can bring multiple pets to be photographed as a group and individually. We also encourage you to join your pets in a photo!

Outdoor and indoor pet portraits

The friendly ambiance of our studio provides a comfortable and secure atmosphere for many pets or we can come to your home. Dog pictures are great to take outdoors – from Lake Michigan beaches to Milwaukee County Parks – we can suggest just the right location for your dog. 


If you have a favorite location, let us know!

Essential Guide For Pet Photos

A little prep and knowledge can make a huge difference for successful pet photos. Download our guide to:

  • Get tips on preparing your pet for photos

  • Get ideas for your session 

  • Learn what to expect during the photoshoot

milwaukee dog photography
milwauke pet photography

"In-Focus does a fantastic job!!"

They took so much time to capture the best pictures of our dogs and did a really nice job of displaying the photos and going through the options of what you can get.

– Alex K.

Work with experienced pet photographers.

We've been photographing pets for decades and can create the experience you're looking for.

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