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A Part of a Bigger Picture

3 Days of Everything Photography!

Jerry and I are members of Professional Photographers of America, (PPA for short) which has more than 34,000 members across the nation and internationally. In January we attended PPA’s national convention, Imaging USA in Nashville, Tennessee. It was time to get inspired!

The days were packed with amazing programs from photographers in every different field of photography. Each offered opportunities to learn the cutting edge technology of what’s happening around the globe.

We had the opportunity to touch and feel state of the art cameras, lighting systems, accessories and software technologies. We felt like kids in a candy store!

The best part about Imaging USA is meeting and sharing with other photographers. It makes us aware that we are just a part of a bigger picture. Like other great photographers, we are about creating images that families will cherish for a lifetime. No matter what we photograph, schools, sports, high school seniors, pets or families, we strive to create images that will last beyond our lifetime. This is what makes photography so awesome.

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