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Celebrating 31 years in business.

Cherish the past. Celebrate today. Create the future.

In-Focus Photography is proud to announce our 31st year in business. From the dining room of our home to our current Kinnickinnic location, we have been serving clients like you for years. Thank you for supporting our small business. It’s always been about capturing imagery our clients can cherish for years to come.

Cherish the past.

You may not know that the current In-Focus Photography location was formerly a local bar. A few different ones in fact. The building was vacant for many years until In-Focus moved in 2002. We began the transformation process from a bar into a photography studio. The old bar, which took up most of the space in the studio, was still intact and had to be removed. Now, our studio feels like home to many who come through our doors.

When In-Focus first moved in, a man noticed we were open for business. He came through the doors and asked for a drink. We politely told him that we were no longer a bar but a photography studio, so he moved on. We had another man visit our studio, and we knew he wasn't here for a drink. The visit was intimidating at first, as this man was a police officer. He asked us what type of business we were conducting. When we told him we were photographers and not another bar, he shook our hands and welcomed us to the neighborhood.

Celebrate Today.

There is never a dull photo session at In-Focus Photography. One of our senior clients, Olivia, likes the music of Aaliyah. We played some of her music and the smooth R&B rhythms made everyone dance. Olivia, her mom and sister, and even the photographer were jamming to the music of Aaliyah. Olivia was able to be herself, have a wonderful time, and take some amazing photos that capture who she is.

Create the Future.

As we look to 2022, we thank our current clients who have supported our business throughout the years. We hope to see you in 2022. We love to create photographs so unique you can cherish the milestones of your lives for years to come.

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