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Find the Perfect Senior Picture Location

The time has come to have your senior portraits taken and the question is, where is the perfect senior picture location for you? Think about the places you visit often and by asking yourself the following questions, your guaranteed to find your perfect senior location!

1. Where is your happy place?

Where do you go when you need your spirits lifted? Do you enjoy sipping some coffee at a local coffee shop? Do you to prefer to be outdoors surround by nature? Consider having your portraits taken at the place where you feel the most comfortable, the place that paints a smile across your face!

2. Where do you do what you love?

In your free time, what activities are you doing? If you’re very active, will we find you at the gym or hiking outdoors? Are you an artist who enjoys a good gallery night at the Milwaukee Art Museum or sketching in the park? Are you always with friends attending sports events or concerts at the Fiserv Forum?Milwaukee and the surrounding areas have picture perfect opportunities to capture you doing what you love most! Incorporating your passions into your senior portrait session is an excellent way to highlight your personality!

3. Include your pet or your favorite animal in your senior portrait session!

Your pet is always there for you. Why not include them in your photo session? Most dogs are comfortable in any outdoor location. Cats can be finicky and may be better photographed in an indoor location (Your home or our studio). If you have a horse or a larger animal, we can head out to the farm. We even photograph turtles, reptiles and snakes! When your away at college you won’t be able to take your pet along. Having a portrait of your pet to take when your off to college can feel a bit more like home. Don’t have a pet but have a favorite animal? A trip to the zoo may be the perfect senior picture location for you.

4. Are you an active senior who enjoys sports and fitness?

If you play a sport, your perfect senior picture location may be where we can see you in action! Whether it’s on the field, on the court, in the water, or on stage, let’s get some shots of you in your element! Consider including your team’s uniform, colors, or sports gear in your senior portrait session.

5. Are you in to theatre or the Arts?

Whether you’re in Drama club, band/music, dance, or art, consider bringing your talents to the forefront of your senior portrait session! We love to photograph seniors showcasing their unique talents and skills. We know some great locations in Milwaukee that would be the perfect backdrop to seniors who are dedicated to doing what they love!

6. Do you enjoy nature and being outdoors?

Milwaukee features many beautiful locations for outdoor photos. The beaches and shorelines of Lake Michigan provide peace and tranquility. Milwaukee County is also home to over 100 parks! Is there a park you love to visit? Do you love the sound of rushing water? A waterfall session in beautiful Grant Park be your perfect senior picture location!

7. Is downtown your scene?

Do you love the hustle and bustle of downtown? Do you find comfort in the city? Consider Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward for your senior portrait location! From the cream city brick buildings, river walk, unique shops and the urban alleyways, there is always a great place for unique senior pictures in Downtown Milwaukee. If the city is your scene, consider a Cityscapes session!

8. Do you have a favorite hangout?

Where do you and your friends love to hang out? Could this be your perfect senior picture location? Coffee shops, libraries, bookstores, restaurants, local arcade, a bowling alley, a special spot in your yard, a tree fort, or even your own room? Choosing a location special to you helps personalization to your senior photos!

9. Where would you take out of town guests?

If you were to show the best locations Milwaukee has to offer to out of town guests, where would that be? Are these places the perfect location for your senior photography? These could include Milwaukee Domes, Art Museum, Discovery World, Harley Museum, or Summerfest. Do these places hold something special to you? Could these any of these places be the perfect senior picture location for your senior photography?

10. What location is meaningful to you and your family?

You can always incorporate old memories into your senior photos. Maybe there was a rock you frequently sat on for photos as a kid, a swing you would play on, or a tree you would climb. Marking the transition from teen to adult by adding a touch of your childhood can not only bring back memories but give you some very meaningful photos for years to come.

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