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Help, we've been framed!

The perfect fit.

When choosing a frame, most people think the first step is to match the frame to the wall and interior of your home, but that is not necessarily the best way to choose a frame. We like to repaint and revamp our home décor styles, and for this reason, when choosing a frame for a timeless photograph, it is best to match the frame to the photograph.

In this example, we matched the frame with the greenery in the photo then added plants to compliment.

We recommend choosing a frame color based on some of the secondary colors of the photo. By doing this, we accent the subject in the photo, making a pleasing presentation where your eye is focused on the subject. The frame then blends into the photograph, not being the center of attention.

When searching for the perfect frame for your piece, consider your style. Not only do our frames differ in color, thickness, and style, creating a variety of choices to fit every taste, we offer contemporary, classic, modern, and minimalist styles to complement your artwork.

As an example, a modern look, such as black & white or sepia, is complemented with the simple look of a black frame, where as a classic look could consider a smooth wood grain.

On the left is a canvas on it's own. On the right is that same canvas with one of our special canvas frames.

Planning ahead.

Plan your photo session from the beginning considering where you will hang your wall art. When choosing location and what to wear, choose complementary colors that match the décor and color scheme of the room where you would like to hang your wall art. Having a plan set ahead of time makes choosing a frame easy.

Have a canvas or gallery wrap? Sometimes when we put our wraps on the wall, they seem naked. We have special frames for framing gallery and canvas wraps that add the perfect touch to the photograph.

People ask us all the time, what do you frame? We can frame maps, diagrams, drawings, puzzles, posters, comic books, magazine covers, postcards, old letters or recipes, flags and stamp collections, and photos, of course. If you have something to be framed, come in for a no-obligation estimate and see how you can change your home with beautiful wall décor.

Making it easy.

We recently finished putting together our Frame Wall in our purchasing room. We are very excited to have a clean and organized display for all of our frames. Check out this time lapse video of our process, featuring our office assistant, Kayla!

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