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Senior Portraits: Best Locations

Senior season is here! Chances are you started to think about senior photos. Maybe you asked the question, "Where do I begin when it comes to senior photos?" In this article, you will find the best location tips from our seasoned photographers. At IN-FOCUS it is our mission to provide personalized senior portrait sessions that represent YOU. We incorporate your hobbies, interests, and talents to ensure that you have the best senior portrait experience!

We pair your personality to a location that best represents you, complements your features, and where you feel comfortable. We have plenty of sessions to choose from, and we love to

collaborate with your ideas to make it an unforgettable senior portrait experience.

Beach Session

Our beach sessions take place along the shores of Lake Michigan with the city skyline on the horizon. Beach session are great for wearing casual jeans, beachwear, sporty looks or even a

sundress as you walk along the shore. The ideal time to schedule a beach session is 6 p.m. or

later. As the sun sets, it produces even lighting with the beautiful color hues on the horizon. We call this the “Golden hour”, when the sun is low in the sky and skin glows with the golden rays of the sun setting.

Cityscapes Session

The cityscapes session is one of our most unique senior sessions! We take seniors into the city’s streets of Milwaukee, exploring the old cream city brick buildings, and architecture alleyways. This urban landscape lends itself to vintage style clothing, artsy fashion, a grunge look or casual wear. Bring a guitar, musical instrument, or even your first car to add to your city adventure. We recommend scheduling your cityscapes session at 2 p.m. or later. We meet at our studio, review your clothing choices, then set out to find buildings and alleyways locations to match your clothing style and personality. City structures block the harsh sunlight, allowing our photographers to produce even lighting.

Waterfall Session

Do you love the sound of rushing water? We love to explore local waterfalls for photographing sessions! We begin your waterfall session by photographing in nature’s foliage surrounding the waterfall. To experience the rush of the falling water, we photograph around and even in the waterfall. Some seniors are brave enough to be photographed under the waterfall! The photographs have an awesome rush of water backdrop and create a unique portrait experience. Comfortable clothing is suggested, along with water shoes. Solid clothing looks great against the backdrop of rushing water. We recommend scheduling at 6:00 p.m. When the sun is lower in the sky it casts a nice even light perfect for the waterfall!

Outdoor Session

Do you have a special location that you love? A place you hang out with friends or even a

special place to relax and get away from it all. We love going to new locations and finding out

why they are your favorite places. If you are a fan of being outdoors but don’t have a specific

place in mind, don't worry our photographers have lots of location ideas. We'll help you we find the perfect location. Arrive at the studio for your session and our photographers will review your clothing options and help decide which location fits your clothing style. We recommend scheduling your outdoor session at 6 p.m. The sun is lower in the sky but still bright enough to provide enough light for photographing in various locations.

Studio Sessions

The best thing about studio sessions at IN-FOCUS is you can schedule them anytime! Our professional lighting is ideal for photographing all types of studio portraits. Our studio features beautiful hardwood flooring, and a range of backdrops to coordinate with your outfits. You're welcome to bring your own props to personalize your session. You can schedule your session as early as 10:30 a.m. and anytime throughout the day.

Discovered your perfect session?

Let’s get in touch! We would love to hear about your senior portrait ideas. For special deals, booking, and more, check out our Seniors Page.

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