Senior Photo Sessions

Fresh, creative images capturing your unique style

Class of 2022 - Senior Portrait Sessions

Tell us about yourself!​

Incorporate your interests, such as sports, music, or cars. Bring a few outfit changes to your session and anything you want to include, even a pet! We can help you coordinate colors, outfits, and accessories. We'll even take care of submitting your yearbook photo to your school.

Choose a location around Milwaukee

Take a look at our location options and let us know what resonates with you. You're not limited to just one session type. We have so many great spots around Milwaukee we can match to your style. Let us know if you need help choosing a location!

17-Hall, Taylor-IMG_6608 (After Dark).jp

After Dark

Combine the beauty of a sunset and the sparkle of city lights. Take an evening walk on the shores of Lake Michigan and join the night owls after dark along the streets of Downtown Milwaukee.

Session Time: 4 hours

S20-Martin, Juliana(FHS)_0635 (Beach).jpg


Take an evening walk on the shores or in the water of Lake Michigan, capturing the Milwaukee skyline and soaking up the sun before it sets.

Session Time: 90 minutes

16-Delange, Alexis-IMG_7781 (waterfall).jpg


Enjoy the beautiful landscape and waterfall in South Milwaukee while wading in the water or climbing on the rocks. You can even let the falls rush over you!

Session Time: 90 minutes

17-Rakowiecki, Evan-IMG_3610VC (Cityscap


Explore Milwaukee’s urban spaces, including the Third Ward’s unique shops and the RiverWalk District. You’ll find hidden gems with every turn and alleyway.

Session Time: 90 minutes

S21-Boelkow, Brett-0P3A1118 (outdoor).jp


Choose your favorite location to customize your session or let our photographers match your style. Go to your favorite coffee shop, sports field, or skate park!

Session Time: 90 minutes

S20-Fugiasco, Zachary (SFHS)_2395 (studi

Classic Studio

For a traditional look, consider a professional background in our studio. This is a great addition to one of the outdoor locations.

Session Time: 30 minutes

Receive a complimentary
"What to Wear" Style Guide
after booking a session

We've been photographing seniors for decades and have compiled everything you need to know to have the best experience on photo day.

This guide includes tips about:

  • How to dress for stylish, yet timeless photos

  • How to choose the right colors

  • What to avoid or you'll regret later

  • How to prepare on the day of your photos