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Dogs Around Town Bay View!

Our Dog’s Around Town program originated in Milwaukee but this summer we’ve headed out to the burbs, first stop Bay View!

Meet Regis! Besides being an adorable pug, Regis was our latest participant in our Dog’s Around Town program. He may be little but he is full of love, personality, and smiles! Regis loved meeting his new photographer friends from IN-FOCUS Photography. Just look at that smile!

We headed to South Shore Terrace in Bay View for Regis’ Dogs Around session. This is a popular spot in Bay View that is a venue for summer farmer’s markets, wedding receptions, beer gardens, and other seasonal celebrations. This location was chosen by his owners because it holds a very special place in their hearts. This Bay View spot was the location of Regis’s first photoshoot with his new family! His owner’s used the photos to announce their newest four-legged family member, Regis!

Regis sure was no stranger to this location. You could tell by his behavior these were his normal stomping grounds. He frequents the beer garden with his humans on hot summer days. There was no beer there this time but we think Regis agrees that it’s always Miller time!

Regis the prestigious was a little gentleman. He was very well behaved, gave us lots of expressions and poses. As you can tell, he was not camera shy! You could tell he was enjoying life being a dog around town!

When Regis isn’t posing for the camera or visiting the beer garden, he loves to swim in the lake! Most pugs aren’t the biggest fans of the water, but not Regis! In fact, that’s just how he ended the shoot, with a dip in the lake to cool off after his session!

Regis was a great participant in our Dog’s Around Town session. We loved capturing the bond he shares with his owners at their favorite bay view hang out spot. What a happy family!

Where do you and your pup like to hang out? Give us a call to chat about where we can capture you and your dog at your favorite spot in town!

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