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Dogs Around Town – Usinger’s Edition!

Woof! Have you heard about our Dogs Around Town program? If not, you’re in for a real treat! Our program began just a year ago featuring Milwaukee’s favorite dog breeds in Milwaukee’s most iconic locations. This program was developed by Mary and Jerry, owners and lead photographers of IN-FOCUS Photography. Their work with pets has gained remarkable recognition in the Milwaukee area and the surrounding cities.

When client Kim Tardin signed her dachshund Vedder up for the program, Mary & Jerry knew just the place to go, Usinger’s Famous Sausage. An iconic Milwaukee location thats been servin’ up sausages for over 130 years! Usinger’s rich history originates in Germany much like the dachshund dog breed. The dachshund gets its nickname “wiener dog” from their long narrow build. They couldn’t pass up the opportunity to photograph a wiener dog at a sausage shop!

Every Dog Has His Day

Our friends over at Usinger’s were all in when we told them about our program! Their participation and cooperation was outstanding. Vedder spent his day trotting along the cobble stone streets surrounding the sausage shop. He even got to sit drivers seat and take in all the smells on the Usinger’s Sausage truck.

Kim describes her lovable dachshund Vedder as a great model & muse, so naturally he does very well during his photoshoots. We have photographed Vedder before and love when he trots in front of our cameras.

“The Dogs Around Town Program is a great feature that I feel should be published more often than it has in recent issues. It’s not only a neat way to feature different dog breeds, but some really accentuate the different sites Milwaukee has to offer. “ Kim Tardin

Fun Facts About Vedder the Dachshund

  1. He has an obsessive love for Dingo bones.

  2. He’s a naturally stubborn dachshund.

  3. He has raced at Milwaukee Germanfest Dachshund Derby for 7 years.

  4. He mellows out to the voice of Katy Perry.

  5. He loves to be cradled like a baby.

  6. He loves his brother Kennedy!

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