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Has your pet ever been professionally photographed?

If you’re a pet owner, you must be a pet lover. Pets are our companions and they enrich our lives with their wagging tails and wet kisses. When you love someone that much, you want to remember them forever, and pictures can help you do that. Here are 5 reasons why you should have your pet professionally photographed.

1. Our pets grow too fast.

Our pets mature more quickly than us since their lifespan is shorter. In just one year, kittens become adult cats. The first year of a dog’s life is equivalent to 15 human years.

It’s important to photograph your pets regularly so that you don’t miss a stage of their life. We recommend having your pet photographed soon after birth, when they are in their prime and as they become elderly.

As hard as it may be to think about, these images will become invaluable to you after your pet has passed. We’ve had several clients who find great comfort in being able to order more photos of their pet after it has passed away.

cat photo

2. Your cell phone takes good photos, not great ones.

Cell phone cameras are getting better and better with every new model and they’re perfect for all of life’s little moments, but they are not robust enough to take the best photos of your pets.

One of the biggest concerns is movement. With a professional camera, a photographer can adjust the shutter speed to take the picture faster and avoid blurring when your pet moves. They can also control the look of the background, either giving it a soft blur or keeping it in focus.

Professional cameras also allow you to photograph in a format call raw, which gives your photographer more data to work with when enhancing images, and therefore a higher quality photograph. This also gives you the flexibility to get large portraits made of your favorite images, where it’s best not to print larger than a 5×7 from a cell phone photo.

Pet photo

3. You need great lighting.

Lighting is key to any good photo shoot, and can especially be tricky when dealing with pets. A cell phone exposes a photo based on an average of light and dark in the shot which can lead to blown out whites and muddy dark colors. It’s also difficult to get enough light in your pet’s eyes without an external light source.

With professional lighting, every detail of your pet is perfectly exposed, making a mere photograph of your pet a stunning work of art.

pictures with your pets

 4. You should be in pictures with your pet.

Clients often hesitate when asked to be photographed with their pet, but those that reluctantly give in almost always love the results and include the images in their order.