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Luke & Loren's Wedding | 9.24.2022

September 24, 2022 was a beautiful autumn day for Luke and Loren's wedding day. The air was crisp, clear and filled with love and excitement.

Loren's dress looked beautiful just hanging from the window rail, but it wasn't until Loren put her dress on that it came to life. The bridal party's bouquets added to the autumn vibes. After everyone was dressed, there was still time for a quick toast before entering the limo bus.

St. Stephen's Church was beautiful. Many people came to witness the ceremony where Luke and Loren exchanged their vows and the unity candle lighting .

Luke and Loren's wedding party was up for a little trek to take some photos on the various bridges in Grant Park. The guys climbed down into the creek, while the girls posed beautifully on the rustic staircase. Luke and Loren took some amazing photos together as their love for one another was evident.

The guests at the beautifully decorated Oak Creek Community Center were joyful and happy to see the beautiful couple. A live band was enjoyed as guests filled the dance floor.

Luke and Loren are such a gracious, thankful couple. Mary and Nicole at In-Focus were blessed to be able to be capture amazing photos for these two wonderful people. As you celebrate each new year, remember the beautiful love you shared on your wedding day. May your love grow stronger and stronger every day for the rest of your lives.

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