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The First Client of IN-FOCUS

As IN-FOCUS Photography reflects back on our 30 years in business, we treasure our first client at our current location. In the summer of 2002, IN-FOCUS' new business location was established at our current location on 4160 S Kinnickinnic avenue. The building we purchased was an old bar and needed lots of work. With so much to reconstruct, obstacles arose with the drywall, and the contractors were unable to finish construction by the time we had hoped to open.

Business had to go on, so Mary met with a client who became known as “the originals”. Andy and Amanda were making wedding plans. They learned about Mary and Jerry from a wedding show and wanted to meet with them in person for a consultation. Before it was popular to meet in coffee shops, Mary called the local library and reserved a room to discuss Andy and Amanda’s wedding plans, their photography desires, and show them wedding album samples. But, the library has one rule: business cannot be conducted in the library, which meant we could not sign the wedding photography contract.

Andy, Amanda, and Mary headed back to the IN-FOCUS construction site to sign the contract. Because of the unfinished drywall, it was too dusty to go inside the studio to sign the contract. The first contract at IN-FOCUS’ new location was signed on our sidewalk in front of the building. Fast forward to 2021, Andy and Amanda Nason are still happily married. Andy said, “[IN-FOCUS] was amazing for us, and we still get compliments on our wedding photos.”

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