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The Importance of the Annual Family Photo.

Being professional photographers, Jerry and I realize how important it is to have family photos. Therefore, we have been taking family photos annually since the 1990’s. We started, like most families, photographing our five children only, but then realized how important it was to have the entire family in our photos. These photos not only become our annual Christmas card, but beautiful wall art for our home.

2013 Braunsdorf Family Photo.

We make sure our family photo a fun experience. Although everyone does not always agree, most look forward to our annual family photos. It is a joy when I go to my adult children's homes and see the annual family photo we photographed in a frame in their office or living room. My son comments about how taking family photos when your parents are professional photographers is sometimes a chore, but he feels it’s worth it because he loves to see the progression of our family throughout the years. Watching how much hairstyles and clothing change brings back memories of fun times.

2022 Braunsdorf Family Photo

Everyone asks who takes your family photo? We do! We set up lighting and a tripod and have an app on our phone that clicks the shutter when everyone is ready. Looking at our family photos throughout the years, I realize how important a professional photographer is. A good photographer can let you know when your hair is out of place, or your clothing isn’t laying just right. The clicker on the camera doesn’t tell us how we look, but captures the moment.

You may not be able to have your family photo taken every year, but we recommend at least every five years. Especially when there is a special occasion, graduation, milestone birthday, anniversary, or wedding. As you gather with your family this holiday season, remember to capture each moment with photos. Cell phones are great for remembering special moments, but professional family photos become family heirlooms that are kept for generations to come.

Check out our family video to see some of our favorite photos throughout the years.

Check out our Family Photography gallery and book your very own family photo session online or by calling our studio. Looking for that perfect last minute gift? Give the gift that lasts a lifetime with an In-Focus Photography Gift Certificate. Our online gift certificates even come with purchase credits that can go towards any of our prints and products.

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