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Cherishing Life’s Moments with your Child

The days are long but the years are short.

Children grow so fast. We are often in disbelief that years have gone by as our children reach major milestones right before our eyes. We remember them as babies, when they said their first word or took their first step. We reflect on their first day of kindergarten and their last day of high school. As they grow, we cherish those moments that shaped them into the person they are today. When they take the lead in their own lives, what we can hold onto is the best memories we have. Photographs help keep those memories alive.

Meet the Goetz family!

We have been privileged to photograph a wonderful family, the Goetz family. We have been photographing their growing family since Tom & Kat were married in 2002, over 18 years! They completed a baby’s first year program with us for all three of their children: Micah, Annabell and Caspian. We’ve continued to photograph them each year for their birthdays. Tom & Kat plan fun themed photo excursions with us that center around their children’s unique interests that year. They treasure a custom designed coffee table book from each of their sessions. Kat stated, “We love pulling out their old books and looking at the photoshoots we have done in the past, the kids have so much fun looking back at each other’s outfits, hairstyles, and expressions.” What the Goetz family loves most about their photo sessions with us is that all family members are included and are interacting throughout each shoot, making it a happy experience for everyone.

Why Professional Photography?

Professional photography is the best way to preserve these memorable experiences as children grow. Great professionals can capture raw emotions, personalities and smiles, so we can pause on those moments that your hearts will always cherish. It’s not always about the best smile or the happiest expression, it’s about grasping a moment in time, a moment we can never go back to. Skilled photographers know the best lighting and angles to make a picture tell a true story. Tom & Kat love being surprised by the micro expressions they don’t always see when the shoot is taking place, but see afterwards! At IN-FOCUS, our clients leave with not only a memorable photo experience, they leave with high quality fine art products that can be displayed in not only in their homes, but passed on to the next generation.

"Professional photos look so much better than anything you can take with your smartphone.” -Kat Goetz