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How to Make Mom Happy: 7 Things She Really Cares About

As an adult I’ve come to realize that moms don’t get the respect they deserve. They not only help raise us with all of the sacrifices that involves, but they are also the anchor that connects the family. They are the person everyone gives and gets information from and of course they are responsible when something goes wrong.

Moms are often taken for granted because we have a lifetime of familiarity with their magic mom skills. That’s why we need to purpose to show our moms we care, but first we need to know what makes mom happy. This list is inspired by things that make my mom happy, IN-FOCUS Photography Owner Mary Braunsdorf, but they apply to moms everywhere.

1. Spending time with family

This is one of the best ways to make mom happy – and I’m not just talking about during holidays or birthdays. Some of the best family moments happen when everyone is together with no real agenda.

Coordinate a game night, movie, or cookout without Mom having to organize a thing. Plan an annual family vacation that everyone looks forward to each year. Our family gets together for a camping trip every year and I’ve never seen my mom happier than when she’s making eggs and bacon for sleepy campers crawling out of their tents.

2. A relationship with her

This might sound funny at first, but relationships are meant to be give and take for both parties, but often Mom gives and gives and we just take take take! Build a better relationship with mom by having real conversations with her – ask her about your family history, ask her re-tell how she met your father, ask for life and financial advice and about what she cares about. And it doesn’t hurt to treat her to lunch or go shopping together!

growing family

3. Watching her family grow and mature

As a kid I knew my parents were always proud when I did well, but I never stopped to think why. They provided for and trained me from birth to be the best I could be, and my accomplishments reflect their hard work.

Share with Mom your dreams, goals and achievements – even when they might seem small to you. She’ll not only be happy for you but will also encourage and inspire you to be even greater. Moms are especially happy when you find the “mom-approved” person to spend the rest of your life with.

4. When you take her advice

I have found that the old adage “mom knows best” is pretty darn true, as much as I didn’t always want it to be. I’m always amazed by the wisdom my mom has when I share problems with her – she has solutions I would not have even have thought of!

Don’t assume Mom’s too old to understand, humankind doesn’t change that much in one generation. Ask her for advice, big or small, and when she gives you the good stuff – take it. You will be better off… and Mom will be happy!

5. Good hugs

This is an easy one to do and gets them every time. Greet your mom with a smile and two-armed hug with just enough squeeze. This applies for grandmas too – good hugs never get old!

I swear my mom is happier to see her grandkids than she ever was to see me as a kid! I get it – it’s all of the fun and not so much of the responsibility… or more likely it’s the joy of watching her family grow.

Having kids isn’t for everyone, but if you do, make sure your mom has plenty of opportunities to spend time with her grandkids. Include Mom and Dad in your events with the kids and plan grandparent sleepovers.

7. Family pictures

Scheduling a family photo session is one of the best ways to make Mom happy, especially since it encompasses many of the above. A photo session is more than just taking pictures – it’s another family experience that everyone can enjoy together.

Make it fun by photographing in locations unique to your family, incorporate different themes and go out to dinner or a movie afterwards. The family pictures capture those memories forever. They are a reminder to the whole family of that moment in time and are a promise of great things ahead. Here are some great family photo tips to get started.

family pictures

Every year my family takes family pictures, and though we’re not always thrilled about it at first – we do it for Mom. And every year it ends up being an extremely fun time spent with family and Mom reaches a blissful state of satisfaction. It’s also worth it to be able to look back and see our growth from year to year.

Annual family photos might not be for everyone, but you should have your family photographed at least every three years to capture those family milestones. Make Mom happy by coordinating your next family photo. To learn more about our family session click here.

Written by: Nicole Shortslef, IN-FOCUS Photographer

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