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What Makes Dad Happy: 8 Things He Really Cares About

Aside from the obvious, there’s something that changes a man into a father when he has his first child. And each man makes his transformation to fatherhood in his own unique way. So while they all respond to “Dad,” each father deserves some TLC catered toward him.

Use these top eight things Dad really cares about to truly discover what makes Dad happy, but be sure to apply them to your dad, because we all know that our dads are, well, special.

1. Spending time with family

Family bonding time is important to Dad because it’s a time to bring the whole family together to enjoy a personal experience and grow as a family.

According to a Pew Research Center study, while 57% of dads say that parenting is extremely important to their identity, 52% of them find it challenging to balance work and family life.

Make it easier for Pops to find that balance by embracing family outings, initiating game or movie nights, making dinner and being excited for family vacations.

What Makes Dad Happy

2. One-on-one time with you

While spending time together as a whole family is extremely important, it’s not always well-suited for building your bond just with Dad, especially if you have a large family.

Spend some extra special time with Pops doing something you both enjoy. Watch the game together while making wild predictions, go for a hike or jog, challenge him to a tennis or chess match or just take a drive together (and maybe but probably stop for ice cream).

3. Respect

Showing your dad the respect he deserves makes Dad happy. He makes personal sacrifices to provide for the family, which oftentimes you may have no idea about. Respect your father as the head of the family and know that his decisions are based out of love and well-being for everyone.

4. When you ask for help or advice

Never hesitate to ask your dad for help or advice, whether it be changing a flat tire or asking for relationship advice. Even if your dad has never experienced what you’re going through, dads have a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon and will always give you their very best. It makes Dad happy to see you take his advice, avoid pitfalls and watch you achieve greater things he has done.

5. Your success

Your success reflects your dad’s success as a parent. Make your father proud by how you live your life and implement the virtues imparted to you by mom and dad.

Share your triumphs with Pops – big or small. He’s been helping guide and witnessing your journey as a person for as long as you’ve been alive and deserves to find joy in your success.

6. When you tell him you love him

Don’t just assume Dad knows you love him, tell him in person. The words “I love you” can be a very powerful way to show Dad you truly care. Regular communication with your dad grows your bond too, even by sending a simple text every now and then. Check out this view Pops! You’re missing out!

7. Remembering the good ol’ days

We all love to reminisce about past fun or momentous experiences. As you take time to reflect, remind your dad of those events you enjoyed together, even if was just last year. Remember that camping trip where it rained nonstop? Remember that time we watched the Northern Lights for hours on the back porch?

Remembering the fun times helps you both appreciate life and family and look forward to new adventures ahead.

What Makes Dad Happy